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Technical Management

Prayati Shipping Pvt. Ltd. is well equipped with professional and well qualified managers, diversified vision, no limit contacts and huge public relations through out the world to attend vessel at any stage anywhere. Our managers have proven efficiency throughout, independently, supporting ship owners, managers and even few well established technical managers. We keep our pride in staying always ahead and moving to heights by every passing day.
Below are our few of Technical supports from the vast ocean in Shipping organization:
  • Budgeting & Planning including, estimated operating cost for given vessels.
  • Trade estimates.
  • Repair estimates.
  • Maintenance or upgrading of vessel whilst trading. A cost-effective alternative to costly dry-dock repairs whilst vessel is trading with little or no downtime.
  • Professional / workshop / Crew attendance whilst vessel at the shipyards during docking and afloat repairs or surveys.
  • Quick response in Emergencies and expert’s attendance as and when required. Continuous monitoring and suggestions to master to overcome the situation.
  • Cost effective and quality supplies of spares.
  • Special training undertaken by both of our directors for technical management of the above dredger including workshop for repairing, hydraulic engineer, cutter technician, arranging all parts including the teeth, work with china built, Holland built dredger, cutter operation, hopper operation with manouevring experience etc.
  • Our employees are individuals, working together as a team. We share a clear vision,mission and common values – around the world.
  • We give our people the chance to show initiative and take responsibility.
  • We strive for clear, open and honest communication at all times, inside and outside the company.
  • We welcome and encourage creativity to improve the way we do business.
  • We aim to attract, develop and retain the best talent in our industry.
  • We recognize and reward excellent performance.
We recognize the importance of providing efficient manning solutions and thereby assist by meeting the demands of our esteemed guests (customers and clients). Utilizing a roster of committed and loyal seafarers for our customers, we use our detailed data banks to provide trained, skilled and competent personnel specific to the logistic and operational requirements of our esteemed customers valuable vessels.
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