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Company Policy
Prayati Shipping Private Limited’s policy is to ensure in any case healthy and safe working conditions and environmental protection by developing and enforcing appropriate procedures.

For this purpose a Safety Management System has been established which complies with all national and international regulations and relevant standards and guidelines, concerning safety and environmental protection.

The company’s Safety Management System implemented both ashore and on board its ships is described in the Safety Management Manual.  This system is based on the A741 (18) IMO resolution and ensures compliance with the International Safety Management Code.

Company objectives are to:
  • Provide for the safe practices in ship operation.
  • Establish safeguards against all identified risks.
  • Continuously improve the level of knowledge, readiness and skills of personnel ashore and aboard concerning safety and environmental protection including preparing for emergencies.

The above mentioned objectives will be achieved by:
  • Continuous personnel training and awareness in accordance with a comprehensive and documented training system.
  • Actively promoting employees’ participation, with enthusiasm and team spirit, in company’s measures aiming to improve safety and environmental protection.
  • Recognition, reviewing, adoption and compliance of ships with all the mandatory rules, regulations, codes and guidelines.
  • Securing, with appropriate supervision and internal inspections, that all the existing procedures are properly fulfilled.
  • Establish safeguards against emergencies and maintain preventing measures to avoid specific risks.

All employees of the company are expected to have high level of responsibility and professionalism concerning full compliance with the ISM Code demands, the Safety Management System Procedures and the preventive measures for personnel cargo ships and environment protection.

The policy of our company, concerning the quality of the offered services is based on our permanent pursuit for constant satisfaction of our customers, offering them safe, comfortable, credible and prompt services in accordance with current rules, regulations, codes, standards and our company’s traditions.

The successful achievement of the above mentioned objectives is mainly based upon the professionalism and effectiveness of our personnel, which is the most valuable element of our company. Our personnel are well trained and its professional qualifications and skills are continuously controlled in order to ensure the compliance with the quality standards imposed by the Company.

The implemented Safety Management System, as they are documented in the Safety Management Manual, as well as the existing procedures in use, are supervised, inspected and reviewed as necessary by the Management which is responsible to ensure that all employees understand and maintain effectively the company’s policy on safety, quality and environmental protection matters ashore and at sea.
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